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disasterinwonderland sent: Hello! I just read your opinion on Sukitte Ii na yo and I need to say that now I understand my problem with that manga! I started it last summer and I don't feel like reading it anymore, and I didn't understand myself because you know, the art is nice and the story is not that bad, but you're right, the relationship looked like planned and he falls in love too fast, the side characters are amazing but that's not enought for a good manga, anyways, amazing tumblr ♥

Thank you :) Yeah, I mean, I love how both characters were strongly introduced in the beginning and I don’t mind if the process of them falling in love will happen right after entering the relationship early — but no, after chapter 3, it seemed that it leaped over tons of development that it was ‘implied’ later that they’re so in love. And yes, the lack of emotion is more evident in the male lead cause I can’t tell why/when exactly he fell in love with her. It just doesn’t make sense. 

I can recommend this manga to readers who likes fast romance and tired of confessions that takes tons of chapters/volumes. But I personally think that what makes slow romance special is because it’s more fun watching the process of two characters falling in love with each other and how you’ll come to understand why they’re into each other. I don’t need the romance to be told, it needs to be shown. That’s just my opinion though.

(Also, I love your LoveCom icon! <3)

whoizmemic sent: Hey hey! So I was looking for manga recommendations of shoujo manga with a shy heroine and kind a bad boy type male lead character? Thank you so much for running this blog it really lifts my spirits whenever I'm down.

You’re very welcome! :D And here’s some recs for that combination: 

Answers to Anons:

I’ve been getting so many asks lately (mostly from anons) so I’m closing the anon option temporarily until I finish replying. If I wasn’t able to answer your ask, it’s either in the faq or I don’t know how to answer it, sorry OTL

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