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mazume + progression

Some cute & funny Yanagi x Kujou moments from Last Game

"From the first time I met him, Mamura has definitely given me a lot of things without me even realizing."

There are only like 2 antagonist’s POV manga and they are:

If there’s something amazing about both series is how relatable the leading girls are in comparison to the usual optimistic and cheerful heroines portrayed in a lot of shoujos. The latter, especially, is even a lot more depressing since she’s not only losing the guy she cares the most (like in HS), she also cannot gain her mom’s recognition despite her hard work and her usual spotlight is getting stolen all because of the appearance of the supposedly ‘main character.’ And it’s just… sigh… I just know how it feels… and it’s so sad.

Also, speaking of Heroine Shikkaku, did anybody else notice that the hero in Sensei Kunshu is actually Kousuke Hiromitsu’s (from Heroine Shikkaku) older brother? He was called ‘Hiromitsu-sensei’ + I kinda saw them together in the raws… so it’s sort of a sequel to HS.

(Though it would have been better if Kousuke got his own manga instead. He deserves it…)

Anonymous sent: w-what? hirunaka no ryuusei will probably end in 78 chapters omg what is this life

It’s not ‘probably’ anymore. Yamamori-sensei confirmed it herself here :(

(The fandom is getting wild atm - there’s also a possibility that Suzume could end up alone, you know… lol)

"I need to get myself together."

"Somehow today… I can’t seem to decide."