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"Don’t worry, I’m not upset."

To those who replied to this post:

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Anonymous sent: Hey , i'm sorry if i'm a bother … , Do u know any manga were the main characters live in student accommodation or what they call it ? Dorm ? Sorry my english is bad (ಥ_ಥ) If u know i will be thankful .

Here you go ~

Can anybody recommend me manga/novels/anime/movies about human/nonhuman relationships or just something to do with the supernatural/sci-fi where the OTP is doomed at the end? By ‘doomed’, I mean they didn’t get together cause the other got old and die/got married to another/forced to leave/etc. Various examples are:

Manga: Hana to Akuma, Akuma ni Itsukushimi no Te wo, Doll: IC in a Doll (first story), Zettai Kareshi
Anime: Fushigi Yuugi (not the main OTP, but the Byakko priestess and her lover in the other world), Hotarubi no Mori E, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
Books: The Time Traveler’s Wife (the novel’s ending, not the the movie’s)
Movies: A Werewolf Boy


That moment when your father hides behind your boyfriend and your boyfriend hides behind you while watching a horror movie(^v^)